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3 Ways DearDoc Helps Healthcare Admins

3 Ways DearDoc Helps Healthcare Admins

At DearDoc, we know that any healthcare admin is a force of nature. Your efforts keep your practice alive. You’ve probably had to find scrappy, innovative ways to do an unbelievably high amount of tasks with an unbelievably low amount of bandwidth and resources.

We’re here to help. DearDoc is a solution designed to help the strong become stronger and the clever become cleverer. With DearDoc, you can modernize your admin operations to ultimately save you time by streamlining everyday processes and eliminating human errors.

Reduce your Phone Time

How much time do you waste sitting on the phone answering the same simple questions every day? According to Forbes, healthcare professionals waste over ⅔ of their time doing tedious paperwork, and most of that manual work falls onto the office managers. Everything from booking appointments to explaining insurance qualifications takes man-hours, but luckily, DearDoc’s AI Chat is designed to streamline those processes.

The custom AI chat allows you to automate patient communication on your website and answer their common questions about business hours, locations, services offered, and even insurance information – any day, any time. Patients can even request an appointment. In 2021 alone, DearDoc’s AI chat helped 904,914 patients with their needs and saved 4.6 million admin minutes across our customer base. On average, each practice gained an average of 300 new patients through our AI Chat.


Capture Missed Calls and Automate Patient Appointments

Your patients hate to wait. A recent study shows that 60% of patients will hang up after 60 seconds of waiting on the phone, and they will likely never return to your practice again. During busy times, it’s extremely stressful for office admins to process all phone calls waiting in line.

With our AI Autodialer, your office will be called automatically to connect you with the patient within 1 minute of receiving their information through your AI Chat. You can then book an appointment with them to avoid losing patients over missed calls, and your patient information will be organized online for your to track. This further minimizes your call time because patients will already be briefed on insurances, specialties, and more after being triaged by the AI Chat.

Collect Payments Faster with Text-to-Pay

77% of healthcare providers say that collecting payments typically take more than a month. Stop chasing late payments and start optimizing your payment collection process to get paid sooner and collect easier. A tool like DearDoc’s Text-to-Pay is designed to help.

The process makes it easy for admins to remind patients about late payments and it offers patients a flexible option to pay directly via text messages. In 2021, DearDoc customers collected 22% more in payments using Text-to-Pay.


DearDoc is the premier solution designed to help healthcare administrative teams succeed and work easier. Our AI chat feature makes responding to patient questions and requesting reviews easy, the appointment automation capabilities minimize missed calls, and the text-to

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