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Digital Marketing Strategy: How to create one for your Business?

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To create a Digital Marketing Strategy, first it is essential to know what exactly is Digital Marketing?

As we know that, nowadays people go online for various things whether they want to buy a product or service.They want everything right at their fingertips.

An average person spends almost 24 hours a week online, twice as long as 10 years ago. One in five of all adults spends as much as 40 hours a week on the web. Due to rise in those aged 16 to 24, who on an average spends almost 34.3 hours a week on the internet.

Therefore it is essential for the businesses to go online as well to catch their online audiences and this can be done by Digital Marketing. It is way much better than the Traditional Marketing.

Digital Marketing is the new trend in jobs and if you are willing to start your career with it, or as a Business if you are seeking to implement some Digital Marketing Strategy then here are some essential steps everyone must follow in the process.

Why Digital Marketing Strategy?

If you want to be a step ahead of your competitors in today’s business landscape then you need to have a clear digital marketing strategy outlined for your business.

Your digital marketing strategy is gonna be the roadmap that’s gonna tell you how you’re gonna meet your business goals using online marketing regardless if you’re a running a florist Business or a Hotel.

In this article we introduced 6 simple steps you need to take to build a digital marketing strategy for your business regardless if you’re just getting started or you’re already an established business that wants to grow to the next level.

By the end of this article you will know the basic understanding and the overall approach that you’re gonna want to take and what are the actions that you have to execute at each point of the process of your digital marketing strategy.

1. Select your Objectives

select your Objective

In this case   first you have to understand what are your objectives and you want them to be very clear.

Brand Awareness

Especially if you are going to use digital marketing to get people aware of your business.

Lead Generation

If are you trying to generate leads for your business then Lead Generation is very much effective.


If you are trying to drive sales, for example maybe you’re selling an e-commerce product or maybe you’re in the fashion industry and you want to sell more shirts online.

Whatever the reason is, you have to clearly identify your objectives and also outline them to make sure why you’re getting into digital marketing. This is gonna be very important because it’s gonna help you understand how you’re gonna measure success. 

So throughout your process you can understand with whatever you’re doing with your overall strategy and your efforts if it is working or is it not working and take actions accordingly.

2. Define a Target Audience for Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Target Audience

The next thing you need is to know the audience which you are going to target. This audience is the group who not only have similar interests but are also related to your product. 

The advantage of Digital Marketing is that you are able to target those people to whom you want to sell the product/service rather than wasting your marketing budget on the audience who are not interested.

You can try to outline your audience using demographics as mentioned below.


Is your target audience Male or Female. For Example if you are selling cosmetic products, for that you need to target Female Audience. You need not waste your marketing budget by targeting Male Audience for this particular matter.


What age group are they, whether they are young or are they older. For Example if you are Wedding Planner or if you are running a Banquet you would choose to target those audience within the age group of 20 – 35. You need not waste your marketing budget on the people below this age group.


For instance what geographies are they in or what states are they in or what cities are you trying to to go after your audience. For Example if you are promoting an event in a particular city (say Nagpur) then you need to target the audience from Nagpur only. You need not waste your marketing budget on targeting audience from different city (say Delhi).

Now if you have a limited budget then you need to be very conservative in selecting your audience. You need to narrow down your Audience maybe you’re not gonna go after all the adults in a particular city. 

Therefore you need to know what Audience group can meet your Objectives. Understanding those things about your audience are crucial for your business. There’s a lot more things that you can get to but these are some basic ones that you at least want to have an understanding of in the beginning.

Once you get to know your audience, Paint a really Good Picture of the solution to their problems. The people might be interested in your product if you are providing them with the solutions to their problems.

3. Messaging your target audience

Digital Marketing Content

Messaging is very crucial because at this point in the funnel, your audience is getting to know you. There are things that they’re going to evaluate you on. Consider if you are in the market to purchase a car, “what would be your top criteria to purchase it?”.

  • At what price range are you willing to purchase?
  • What Brand are you considering?
  • What type of car are you willing to purchase?

So your message needs to overcome every possible questions which can be probably asked by the customers. These things are very important for delivering your message because different messages are going to resonate with different audiences. So you need to test out different messaging pillars.

Once you have targeted your audience you must attract them with free contents. These free contents are nothing but the contents which you see everyday on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.

Also you can run Ad campaigns which will display your Ads on their mobile screen or whichever devices they are using. For this you can use Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.

Most of the traffic on the internet uses smartphones devices so you should create a content which is primarily most convenient with smartphones.

Particularly, the free content can be expressed in various ways mentioned below.

Value Proposition

When you create your marketing communications online you can educate your customers with the benefits of them buying a product from you or submitting a lead to your business or building affinity to your business.

Social Proofing

It could be messages that contain statistics and numbers.
For example you’re saying “30% of your friends have bought from us” or “20% of the people in this market have purchased from us and have a 97% satisfaction rate”.

Those kinds of things helps to give credibility to your brand and they stand out very well when you’re marketing online.

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

A lot of people are afraid of missing out on things and that is something that you can utilize in your marketing communication. For Example “Hurry up, Offer for limited time only”.
In this case most of the audience responds to such things.

“How to” type educational content

You can create an educational content which explains about all the ins and the outs of the product, its advantages as well as disadvantages.

Brand Storytelling

For example you can create a content which informs them about your brand.

Customer Success Stories

Include your previous customers to send a message about their satisfaction with your Business. These are mostly used to gain the trust of the customers and also turns your leads into a paying customer.

Entertaining content

You can see these types of content mostly on YouTube and other social media platforms. You can create an entertaining content which most of the people follow and thus drive them to buy from you which provides solutions to their problems.

4. Select your Channels for Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Channels

In addition to messaging your target audience it is essential to know what channels are available for you to implement your Digital Marketing Strategies. Because that is where you will find your Digital Audience.

Below are the Digital Marketing Channels

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketinag
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Sales Funnels
  • Affiliate Marketing

You can select any of the above channels and start your Digital Marketing Campaign.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Social Media

  • Organic – You can build organic strategies to your content to drive affinity to your brand. It takes time but generates good results in the long term.
  • Paid – You can use paid advertisements which are extremely effective. At Imborn Digital we’ve ran hundreds of campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and we’ve seen phenomenal results for our clients.
  • Influencer – It involves endorsements as well as promoting your products through influencers who have expert level of knowledge and social influence in their field. For Example Technical Guruji who is an expert in Technical field and considered the best Technical Influencer.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Search Engine

It is extremely effective as most of the audience is online and the first thing they do is search on Google for various things. You can pay Google to display your ads on Search Results. You may use Google AdWords for such strategy.

5. Make Sales using your own Digital Marketing Strategy

Make more Sales

The next step in the process is to make sales, by driving your audience who are visiting your content to your Website. On the other hand make them to follow you on Social Media Platforms. Make them to visit your offline store. 

Engage with your audience on a regular basis and most certainly you will be building a strong relationship with them. You may create a list of emails of your customers to gain their trust before making sales.

6. Measure & Optimize your Digital Marketing Strategy

Optimize Digital Marketing

Finally, the next step in the in the process is to measure and optimize your Digital Marketing Campaign. You may use free tools like Google Analytics for this. You can also use this for retargeting your customers.


Making use of all the above steps, you are basically trying to bring people from all these other places back to your website, where you can hopefully build some affinity with them, share some information with them and hopefully convert them into a sale to continue growing and fueling your business and your success.

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